Stone Telling

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Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan. Made and Made Again


Alex Dally MacFarlane.
Thousands of Years Ago, I Made This String Skirt
It was bright when I made it / this string skirt you can't see
Emily Jiang. Merciful Deity
All in the name / of mercy.
Grá Linnaea. Their Hearts Like Lock and Key
their hearts would make a sound like laughter
Shira Lipkin. Mushroom Barley Soup: An Invocation
When I curse, my profanity sours the broth.

Kathrin Köhler. the art of domesticity
He's never hit her
Charlie Bondhus. Empty Room
This has nothing to do with the living.
Ching-In Chen. Love with the Soldier
Her back a plain I made smooth / with my trowel
Adrienne J. Odasso. Tables Turned
I'm waking faster / than you would care to admit
Ursula Pflug. Castoroides
"I'm not a good person," I remember telling you

LaShawn M. Wanak.
I Will Keep the Color of Your Eyes When No Other in the World Remembers Your Name
Neuroimagine us as we should have been: happy, content.
Sonya Taaffe. In the Firebird Museum
between the wars / we were too young to fight in
Amal El-Mohtar. A Circle in Five Strands
We braided the distance between us / in locks of hair
Sofia Samatar. Snowbound in Hamadan
The anthologist more than any other knows / the universe is multiple.


Lisa M. Bradley. A Crack in Its Speak: Fantastic Birds in the Gothic Country Lyrics of Jay Munly
Trigger warning: Discusses lyrics that depict physical violence, character-driven racism and ableism,
and abuse of a cognitively impaired character, with references to incest.

Brittany Warman. Unruly Islands, poetry by Liz Henry

Julia Rios. Stone Telling Roundtable: Multiple Perceptions with Lisa M. Bradley, Ching-In Chen, Kathrin Köhler, Alex Dally MacFarlane, and Sofia Samatar.


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