Stone Telling

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STONE TELLING is a poetry magazine co-edited by Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan. We are looking for literary speculative poems with a strong emotional core. We focus on fantasy, science fiction, surrealism, and slipstream, but we are happy to consider science poetry and literary poetry without a fantastic element as long as it fits the flavor of the magazine. Please note that we are not a mainstream literary poetry market, and poetry without a speculative element would be a hard sell.

We are especially interested in diversity of voice and theme. While we are open to all speculative poetry, we love to see work that is multi-cultural and boundary-crossing, work that deals with othering and Others, work that considers race, gender, sexuality, identity, and disability issues in nontrivial and evocative ways. Wed love to see multilingual poetry, though that can sometimes be tricky. Try us!

There are no style limitations, but rhymed poetry will be a hard sell. Please try us with visual poetry, prose poetry, and other genre-bending forms. We will consider experimental poetry, but please remember that not all experimental poems are easy to represent in an e-zine format.


We are currently closed to submissions, but we are planning on reopening for Issue 14 soon!

  • Length: We will consider poems of any length. However, very short poetry (10 lines and fewer) might be better suited for inkscrawl. You are welcome to try us first - we did buy short poems in the past, though rarely.
  • Regarding epic lengths: we DO buy them - here is an example, but it is a very hard sell. We have a separate pay rate for epic lengths (see under payment)
  • You can submit up to THREE poems per submission.
  • We prefer to receive poetry in the body of the email, but if your poem has non-standard formatting, you can send an attachment in .doc, .docx or .rtf format.
  • If you are sending more than one poem in an attachment, please send only one file - i.e. three poems in one file, rather than three files.
  • Please put SUBMISSION: Author's name in the subject line. This will prevent your submission from getting lost.
  • Please supply a short cover letter with your submission. List your latest credits, if applicable - if you are unpublished, that's fine too.
  • Stone Telling does not accept simultaneous submissions. No exceptions.
  • Editorial address is poetry at stonetelling dot com
  • Finally, please address your correspondence to both editors (Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan), to Editors, or to Stone Telling. Please do not address your submission to only one of us.

REPRINTS: We are NOT looking for unsolicited reprints.

RIGHTS: If accepted, you will be granting Stone Telling first North American serial, promotional, non-exclusive anthology, and archival rights. Copyright will revert to the author upon publication. If the piece is subsequently published in another venue, we ask that you source Stone Telling as first publication.

PAYMENT: $10(US) per unsolicited poem under 120 lines, upon publication. Payment for a poem over 120 lines (epic) is 20$; please indicate line count for such poems.
Payment by Paypal or check.

RESPONSE TIMES: Currently, our response time is within 120 days. Please query if you haven't heard back from us within this timeframe! poetry at stonetelling dot com