Stone Telling

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Vertigo and Annihilation

by Valeria Rodríguez Mar


If you've seen
— like me —
the destruction of the world three times,
would take
— like me — a green silver feather
with perfect blue and gold flaming
you play and impregnate with her
and would hear as above — on the roof —
thousands of feet await for you.

You walk across
 — maybe with me —
the seven valleys
the seven seas
included Vertigo and Annihilation.
Many birds will desert
others die on the crossing
— don't worry —
They resist
they beat their wings against the clouds.
Reach the city,
to the roof, to the modern building
and descend
in the penthouse suite.
There will lie a king.
Perceive their putrid smell
the waves of the raging sea
the hurried sunset
by the rapid decline of the night.

When we get
will see the king's daughter
which will be on her knees with her father
on a blue feather quilt
floating above the concrete floor
like a child
to which they have taken their dainty
a pale white pure innocence
fragile as crystals missing.

You will be surprised
— nobody I know has such cold blood —
the sharp coldness speed steel
as the fruit matures suddenly
or sea rages in seconds
as bird droppings on shoulder
or thunder.

And will smile
and that happiness will spread his wound
for their threadbare clothes
sheets by the king lies

Again I repeat yourself — don't grieve —
for we must return
and they are — forever, yes —
scanning the dark valleys,
collecting predatory creatures like us,
Do you not know?
Come on — stop shaking —
fear not fly
I know why I'm telling you.

Valeria Rodríguez Mar writes giving free rein to her imagination; that sometimes take her too far, but, fortunately, most of the time she come back safe and sound to her home where her kids wait. She teaches literature in public schools. She lives in Montevideo, Uruguay. "Vertigo and Annihilation" is her first poem written in English. Awaits with coffee in livejournal.

Photography: adapted from Flight-IC-622, by Sumeet Basak.