Stone Telling

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The Spoon-Drawer Gnome

by Alexandra Erin

The spoon-drawer gnome does not roam
because I've trapped her in this poem,
for all time in bars of rhyme
to punish her most heinous crime,
the spread of pain and theft of brain
and missing things I can't explain.
No need to shout or run about,
there's no way she's getting… loose?

Oh, drat! Here we go again…

Alexandra Erin is the crowdfunded author of Tales of MU and other stories around the web. She made her speculative poetry debut earlier in 2015 in the pages of Star*Line and has poetry forthcoming in Devilfish Review and Nomadic Delirium Press's The Martian Wave. Find her online at

Photography: adapted from an unpublished photograph by Alex Madonik. Used with permission.