Stone Telling

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Yes, I Am A Were

by Jaymee Goh

Yes, I am aware that I'm a were;
Do not think I am unaware,
For every moon we weres
Display our wares:
Yellow glares, shaggy hairs,
Shedding everywhere,
Boldly bare without a care–
Even there!
Those caught unawares
Will wear:
A debonair wirehair stole square!
You ask, Where's a good were?
This I swear, we're
Though not all weres are as aware
Of other weres, so beware
Where we care to were–
Be wary, for we may well be there!

Jaymee Goh is a PhD Candidate at the University of California, Riverside. She writes fiction and poetry whenever she's not doing the teaching and academic research thing. Hailing from Malaysia, she lived eight lovely snowy years in Canada and now lives in a desert. Her work is predominantly steampunk postcolonialism with a bit of futurism tucked here and there.

Photography: adapted from the moon, by Paulo Valdivieso. Photomanipulation with an unpublished photograph by Shweta Narayan, used with permission.