Stone Telling

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Do Mermippos Dream of Electric Sharks?

by Rachael K. Jones

The Great White Shark said to Mippo,
"Come to the ball with me.
We'll dance a corkscrew waltz, and then
You'll share a kiss with me."

Despite his dapper flippers
and his great white tux beneath,
Mippo marked his fishy breath
And merpippo hair in his teeth.

"Sir Shark," says Mippo, retreating,
"You'll not steal a bite from me!
Truth is, I am no coward, but
I am the Chicken of the Sea!"

Rachael K. Jones grew up in various cities across Europe and North America, picked up six languages, an addiction to running, and an English degree, and now writes speculative fiction in Athens, Georgia. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in a variety of venues, including Lightspeed, Strange Horizons, Accessing the Future, Crossed Genres, Daily Science Fiction, and PodCastle. She is an Active member of the SFWA, an editor, and a secret editor. You can follow her on Twitter @RachaelKJones

Photography: adapted from Great White Shark, by Elias Levy. Photomanipulation with an unpublished photograph by Alex Madonik, used with permission.