Stone Telling

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To The Family In The Sycamore Across The Street

by Susannah Mandel

We don't mind that you leave the lawn
In shambles in the fall,
Nor all the noise you make at dawn
Along the alley wall,

And pointedly do not complain
Of chattering or fuss.
But, neighbors, could you please refrain
From dropping nuts on us?

Susannah Mandel lives in Japan. Her poems have appeared in Strange Horizons, Goblin Fruit, Eye to the Telescope, and Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet, among others. Her short fiction has appeared in Shimmer and Apex. She is super happy to be in Stone Telling.

She secretly prefers mustelids to rodents, though she would appreciate your not mentioning that to the squirrels.

Photography: adapted from an unpublished photograph by Shweta Narayan. Used with permission.