Stone Telling

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In His Eighty-Second Year

by Dominik Parisien

What he sees is
          the Woodbine-covered scarecrow in the garden
          a green man crowned in violet blue, with spectacles of shattered glass
          an old man with a burlap suit spotted black with berries

What he hears is
          his daughter peeling covers off pill-filled containers
          water, his lungs filling and his heartbeat drowning
          a vine and leaf mouth whispering I love you I love you I love

What he says is
          make my blue eyes green green green
          fill my mouth with dirt, my veins with sap, my bones with seeds
          I'm sorry, I am, so sorry

What he does is
          weep for a life loathed, a life loved
          smear his face in black-brown earth, stain his shirt green
          tell his daughter who knew all along

Dominik Parisien lives in French, writes in English and dreams in a combination of the two. He is an intern for Cheeky Frawg Books and a former editorial assistant for Weird Tales. His fiction has appeared in Andromeda Spaceways Inflight Magazine. This is his first published poem.

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Photography: .the only thing i feel is paiN, by Sippanont Samchai.