Stone Telling

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Rose Lemberg, Bogi Takács and Shweta Narayan.


Neile Graham. The Sense of Beginning
you can already hear it / rampant and rustling under our skins
Kim Eun-byeol. phoenix fire, tabula rasa
hands hanging loose at your sides, body / less braced to run defence
Lynette Mejía. Spell
whether we bore blessing / or curse I don't recall
Alina Rios. Weed Garden
Don't hate my fear– / lick it off my back
Lev Mirov. Witch's Brew
Here is what I bring you, from the kitchens of your homeland
Jeana Jorgensen. Woven of Silence and Thistles (or, the girlfriend's story over martinis)
I'm hunting for the flock of other women
Victor David Sandiego. Invasion of Ideas
I renounce my country (a hailstorm of welts)
Sonya Taaffe. The Parable of the Albatross
the shearing rise of the wind over seal-black rocks / and the distance
J.C. Runolfson. Serpentiority
and I will cackle and wheeze fire, burning away what tethers me to frailty
Na'amen Tilahun. let my love loose again
I do not give, I ask you to take / loosen my bonds and cry out
Wild Soft. Make Safe My Light
Fill these jagged cracks with gold / and polish me to soft lustre–
M Sereno. To the weaver, from the woman who slew Bakunawa
Tell me light cannot be devoured.
Davian Aw. hush / it might not get better / give us silence
and we will paint / utopias with our words and desperate wishes


Lev Mirov. Ghost Signs, by Sonya Taaffe


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