Stone Telling

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Rose Lemberg. Introduction: Whimsy.


Jo Walton. The Weatherkeeper's Diary
I sat in the doorway rewinding cloud skeins
Benjamin Cartwright. Newton's First Copy of Euclid
The voices of the small / in the bookstalls pulled Isaac
Sara Saab. 11:40PM
underground / the visionaries of cities
Susan Rooke. Jonah's Widowed Wife
From far down a long throat / she'd hear him call
Michael Roderick Fosburg. A Dreamed Zodiac
I dreamed Woman rising from the sea
Caitlyn Paxson. Firefly Girls
From what shall they make their lanterns? / Rice paper
Emily Jiang. Rice Cooker Dreams
Carbs will be the death of us / so says Atkins / and I, Penelope Chang
William Doreski. Self-Portrait as Mushroom
which / self has suffered this misery / so deeply sculpted in fungus?
Eliza Victoria. Sodom Gomorrah
Those who found her at first wanted to sprinkle her on the burned earth
Sonya Taaffe. Persephone in Hel
Half her face is rotted grain
Mary Turzillo. Moving to Enceladus
I'm leaving behind my tapes of Chicken Soup for the Undead Soul
Catherynne M. Valente. The Secret of Being a Cowboy
This thing here is two poems and one’s about proper shit


Deborah J. Brannon. There is That Line Again: Revealing the Pantoum in Context

Nin Harris. Visions of Courtly Life Translated into Contemporary Meditations: Muhammad Haji Salleh’s Sajak-Sajak Sejarah Melayu

Julia Rios. Stone Telling Roundtable: Crossing Boundaries and Blurring Edges with Jo Walton, Catherynne M. Valente, Emily Jiang, Mary Turzillo, Benjamin Cartwright, and Nin Harris.
Don't miss this one! A discussion of mythpunk! death! pantoums! and a new poem by Jo Walton -
among other delectations.


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