Stone Telling

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Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan. Catalyst: the Science and Science Fiction issue


Sofia Samatar. Girl Hours
You were not the only deaf woman there
Lyn Coffin. The Chute
you are being / chased by a three-member hive
Maria Velazquez. Gas Giants
They collapsed suns into black holes and called them children
Alyza Taguilaso. Three Movements on Anatomy
Inconsequential / as the ghost floating by the steel table
Jazz Sexton. How to Eat Gourmet Crow on a Low-Fare Airline
Memorize definitions of ‘monster’ and ‘human’ on back of packet
C.S.E. Cooney. Postcards from Mars
Citizens of Earth have no stamps for Mars
Mary Alexandra Agner. Lovelace Nocturnes
But every metal daughter's watched a ceiling crystallize from dark to / dawn
J.C. Runolfson. The exposure of William H. Mumler
he thought the lens / would prove him sane
Na'amen Tilahun. In Memory of Dreamt Clockwork
until / black skin drifts down, negative snow for / the love of you
Athena Andreadis. Mirror Twin
Starship navigators live / by renunciation and arrogance
Alex Dally MacFarlane. Sung Around Alsar-Scented Fires
See me! See me! Falna the fierce / with my son on my back, tenth child, battle-charm
Tori Truslow. Terrunform
It wasn't new Earth we wanted


Brit Mandelo. The Poetry of Joanna Russ, Part I: An Introduction

Lisa Bradley. The Scientific Method, Poetry by Mary Alexandra Agner

Julia Rios. Stone Telling Roundtable: Women and Science with Mary Alexandra Agner, Alex Dally MacFarlane, Sofia Samatar, Na'amen Tilahun, and Tori Truslow.


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