Stone Telling

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Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan. Bridging: The Queer Issue


Michele Bannister. Seamstress
I have the measurements of your very skin.
Sergio Ortiz. Rain and Sound
Listen to me as one listens to the rain
Nancy Sheng. Inner Workings
My body is the pawn that has crossed the chequered sea.
Jack H. Marr. Lunectomy
the true moon, curved as horns, / looked down at me
Sonya Taaffe. The Clock House
Come ghost out of the machine, Christopher
Peter Milne Greiner. The Earth Has Rings
and alphabets / thrive and die off between them
Jeannelle Ferreira. Ardat-lilî
Now, in your bed, she eats apples, / smearing honey.
Hel Gurney. Hair
I always drew myself with one eye covered.
Adrienne J. Odasso. Parallax
not fish / enough to be Capricorn, / not land-locked enough / to hunt.
Dominik Parisien. In His Eighty-Second Year
a vine and leaf mouth whispering I love you I love you I love
Lisa M. Bradley. we come together we fall apart
Three sisters, then. / It was easier that way.
       a poem of epic length
Amal El-Mohtar. Asteres Planetai
I used to think I was a star.
Bogi Takács. The Handcrafted Motions of Flight
E was — is — I am a warrior, / but e remembers only peacetime
Peer G. Dudda. Sister Dragons
Sister dragons, your beautiful wings!


B. What "queer" could look like in Hindi: translated poetry and queerness in regional tongues

Brit Mandelo. The Poetry of Joanna Russ, Part II: Poems 1954-1957

Julia Rios. Stone Telling Roundtable: Erasure and Defiance, Sorrow and Celebration with B, Lisa M. Bradley, Michele Bannister, Peer G. Dudda, Peter Milne Greiner, Jack H. Marr, Dominik Parisien, Nancy Sheng, and Bogi Takács.


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