Stone Telling

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Rose Lemberg and Shweta Narayan. The Body, an unfolding


JT Stewart. Song
fresh off the / boat / they break you
Brittany Warman.
Rep/ercussions (Carmina): Reflections on Obsession and Compulsion
How these new words stick in your teeth
Ada Hoffmann. Turning to Stone
Paint-bright people / whirl along the many-cornered streets.
Cindy Velasquez. His scent
"Scars are the best cleanser," she says.
Kelly Rose Pflug-Back. For T.
To know prison is to know a world / too small to hold love's absence
Cathy Bryant. The Honey Times
let yourself / be happy in a home of your own making
Sofia Samatar. Long-ear
Dhegdheer, "Long-Ear," will / eat you.
Mat Joiner. The Nerve Harp
I would have you / cut down to the electricity of me
Emily Jiang. Good Enough
so I broke the chords / to suit my hands.
Sandi Leibowitz. The City Inside Her
She was beyond complete / the sum of her greater than any of her parts

J. C. Runolfson. Trance for Insomniacs
wide-eyed and staring / at a dark that stares back.
Alyza Taguilaso. Trepanation
rearranging / the right folds of tissue so the illness knows / how it is now unwelcome
Sonya Taaffe. A Bulgakov Headache
stories like cigarette ash on his cuffs.
Lisa M. Bradley. Teratoma Lullaby
No angel ever weighed / so heavy on my shoulder / as the one trying / to push his way out
       a poem of epic length

Dominik Parisien. Train in my veins
down underwater cavern systems in my lungs
Kathrin Köhler. That Thief, Melancholy
"sister" she says, and "mine"
Jaymee Goh. Brother
how much I hated it / hated being a girl
Vincen Gregory Yu. Twin Sorrows
this patch of brightness growing cold
Bogi Takács. Outside-in / Catalytic Exteriorization
I stagger through a nighttime landscape / of power lines
Alex Dally MacFarlane. Bowl
these / old woman bones / arranged just so
Wendy Creekmore, Kristin Koester, Nicci Mechler, Hilda Weaver. #003
what lies / behind the branches of our hearts.
Malisha Dewalt. Misery Is Not a Virtue
My problem is the muzzle from my lips to your ears.
       a visual poem
C.S.E. Cooney. And I'll Dance With You Yet, My Darling
Body, my darling / At 6, you captained spaceship trees


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