A Stone Telling bonus issue? With Rhymed Mermaids? Read on :)

In case you haven’t seen this elsewhere, Stone Bird Press is running a Kickstarter to fundraise for An Alphabet of Embers, an anthology of unclassifiable pieces edited by Rose Lemberg.

We are already past our initial target of $6000, but one of our stretch goals is a bonus issue of Stone Telling. And it’s not just any issue – it’s editor Rose Lemberg’s worst nightmare: an joke issue full of RHYMED MERMAID POETRY! We’ll also accept limericks, nonsense verse, and assorted ridiculousness, all to be lushly illustrated with sepia-toned photos of the Mermippo:



At the moment, we need only $541 more to be able to inflict this marvel of marvels upon the world of extremely serious speculative poetry. Friends of Stone Telling, please take a look – we also have many wonderful rewards like songs, jewelry by Kythryne Aisling, gift boxes, cheerful drawings, posters, printed broadsides and Letters of Embers. It truly is a project where art begets art.