2014 Rhysling award eligible poems

Hi everyone! I’ve recently joined the Stone Telling team, and this is my first blog post. I love making lists, so I present you with a list of all Stone Telling poems eligible for the Rhysling award this year.

A further note before we begin: Stone Telling is not eligible for the Hugo awards in Best Semiprozine category this year because we didn’t have four issues out. We recommend people vote for Goblin Fruit instead!

Short poem (1-49 lines):

I do not know your ἀλφάβητος by Saira Ali (Reverberations issue)

The Honey Times by Cathy Bryant (Body issue)

#003 by Wendy Creekmore, Kristin Koester, Nicci Mechler, and Hilda Weaver (Body issue)

To the Creature by Gillian Daniels (Reverberations issue)

Misery Is Not a Virtue by Malisha Dewalt (Body issue)

Ballad Breath by Peg Duthie (Reverberations issue)

Coyolxauhqui by Nelly Geraldine García-Rosas (Reverberations issue)

Turning to Stone by Ada Hoffmann (Body issue) + bonus interview

Good Enough by Emily Jiang (Body issue) + bonus interview

The Nerve Harp by Mat Joiner (Body issue)

That Thief, Melancholy by Kathrin Köhler (Body issue)

The City Inside Her by Sandi Leibowitz (Body issue) + bonus interview

Bowl by Alex Dally MacFarlane (Body issue)

Kuura (extract from a Finnish-English dictionary) by Sara Norja (Reverberations issue)

Train in my veins by Dominik Parisien (Body issue) + bonus interview

For T. by Kelly Rose Pflug-Back (Body issue)

A Bulgakov Headache by Sonya Taaffe (Body issue) + bonus interview

Trepanation by Alyza Taguilaso (Body issue)

Outside-in / Catalytic Exteriorization by Bogi Takács (Body issue) + bonus interview

Labyrinth Soup by Margarita Tenser (Reverberations issue)

Rep/ercussions (Carmina): Reflections on Obsession and Compulsion by Brittany Warman (Body issue) + bonus interview

The Monkey Climbs the Tree, as the Turtle Watches by Isabel Yap (Reverberations issue)

Twin Sorrows by Vincen Gregory Yu (Body issue)

Long poem (50+ lines):

Nothing Writes to Disk by Kythryne Aisling (Reverberations issue)

Teratoma Lullaby by Lisa M. Bradley (Body issue) + bonus interview

And I’ll Dance With You Yet, My Darling by C.S.E. Cooney (Body issue)

Brother by Jaymee Goh (Body issue)

Scales by Ruth Jenkins (Reverberations issue)

Confluence (Triveni Sangam) by Shruti Iyer (Reverberations issue)

Vertigo and Annihilation by Valeria Rodríguez Mar (Reverberations issue)

No Fixed Points in Space by Michael Matheson (Reverberations issue)

Trance for Insomniacs by J. C. Runolfson (Body issue) + bonus interview

Long-Ear by Sofia Samatar (Body issue) + bonus interview Note: We are not sure this poem is eligible in Short or Long category – we’re awaiting a response by the SFPA.

The Exile, i. by M Sereno (Reverberations issue)

Song by JT Stewart (Body issue)

His scent by Cindy Velasquez (Body issue)

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